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Are Your Locks Snap Resistant?

If you have cylinder locks (The ones most commonly found in UPVC doors) and they are a few years old then chances are that you DO NOT have a Snap Resistant lock.

Over the last 5 or so years lock snapping has increased by huge amounts when thieves discovered a vulnerability in the way that some cylinder locks are made.

The middle part of the lock cyslinder turns and opens the locking mechanism inside the door, but because part of it turns and is not solid that makes it the weakest part of the lock meaning has a good chance of snapping it in the middle.

It can take just seconds for a thief to snap your lock and they can gain access to enough of the lock by levering off or burning off your door handles.

Unlike most people that still fit the cheap easy to snap cylinders, I do not fit them at all. As standard all the cylinders that I fit are now the Snap Resistant models.

I believe that anyone that has an basic snappable cylinder in their door, really needs to upgrade to a Snap Resistant lock, right away.

Ironically a Snap Resistant lock has anti-snap features and is actually designed to snap, but it snaps at the place that you want it too, right before the middle section. This means although the front of the lock snaps off the middle section remains in tact and still in it's place inside the door.

It has been found that in most situations, if the lock is a Snap Resistant lock then the thief will snap the first section and then leave it and move on. It is near impossible to get the middle section out without something very noisy like a drill and a good 5-10 minutes of work or by breaking parts of the door to grab it again and snap it after the sacrificial line.

So, even with your door still locked and the front of the lock missing you can still open the door from inside with a key as your inside half of the lock is still in one piece.

The other good thing is that thieves can see by the brand name on the front of the locks which ones are and which ones are not Snap Resistant locks. Because of this theives are increasingly just leaving them without even attempting to snap them and moving on to another place to burgle.

So if you still have a euro cylinder lock that is more than a couple of years old then it might be worth having me come to have a look at it and then possibly changing it to a Snap Resistant lock.

Snap Resistant locks are a little bit more expensive than the cheap easy to snap ones but what do you expect security wise, If you’re just going to buy a cheap £10 lock from a hardware store?

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