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Yes, I live in Ingoldmells just outside Skegness. This means I can normally be with you very quickly and by using my services you are helping to support a local business.

Yes, I am a 24 hour emergency locksmith. You can call me for emergencies at any time. My answer machine will let you know if I am having a rare night off. If the work you require is not an emergency then please call between 9am and 7pm Monday to Saturday as these are my normal working hours as this enables me to have some time to myself which can be hard when on call 24 hours a day.

Yes, My normal working hours are Monday to Saturday 9am to 7pm (60 hours a week) and then with being on call 24-7 I charge a bit extra for getting changed and putting the tools back into my van. So, outside my normal working hours there is a one time per visit £30 out of hours surcharge. That is payable just once per visit and not per item/service purchased. Think of it like this, Your at home watching a film or asleep and work rings for you to rush into work to help out for an hour, would you be happy going back to work for less that £30 more than your normal hourly rate?

You sure can. My normal working hours (apart from 24 hour emergency calls) are Monday to Saturday 9am-7pm. Therefore to allow me time to fit in Emergency jobs before and after each appointment I book appointments in at the following time slots. 10am-12pm, 12pm-2pm, 2pm-4pm & 4pm-6pm each day. I am unable to guarantee an exact arrival time as it is hard to tell how long each job will take but 99% of the time I arive within the 2 hour time slot.

No not at all, My lock openning charges are between £50 and £95 to come and gain entry all depending on the time of day and what lock you have. Even if you get me out of bed in the middle of the night and I have to drive 20 miles to you it is still only £95 to open a standard house door lock. (£65 + £30 out of hours surcharge)

If I come out to open your door then when the door is open then I can fit a new lock for you at my standard lock prices minus a £20 discount for buying a lock at the same time as the entry. Check out the Services & Prices page to find the price for the lock that you have. Un-like a lot of other locksmiths I do not charge extra to fit a lock in the middle of the night once I am already there. If the entry is £65, out of hours surcharge is £30 and the lock is £65 then you pay those prices minus the £20 discount for buying a lock at the same time as an entry (so £140 in total).

Most of the time if you contact a locksmith from the top results in the search engines or directories you are actually normally phoning a call centre who takes their cut too (This is why they can afford to be at the top of the results because they charge so much). I believe in being fair and I think a lot of locksmiths prices are just far too expensive. My lower prices are what has helped me to become busy so quickly.

I don't have call out fees, If I can gain entry by opening or bypassing the lock then you pay the lock opening / entry fee. If I can't get the lock open but can still get you in by using destructive methods then that is classed as an entry and also chargable at the same rates as lock opening / entry fee. I am very confident that I can get you in one way or another so on the very rare occasion that I cant get you in, you don't have to pay me a penny.

Although there is no call out fee, so if you have a Euro Cylinder changes you just pay the Euro Cylinder replacement price, for other little jobs that are not listed there is a minimum charge of £45 (See other little jobs/fixes on the prices page for more information)

Yes indeed, the prices quoted online are the prices that you pay. No VAT, no call out fee, no hidden extras to add. That is the price for the item supplied and fitted.

No, I price the jobs for what they are and how long they normally take. If I take my time and make sure it is all as it should be and clean up after myself or even stop for a cup of tea and to chat or to give you advice then I do not think it's fair that you should pay more for that. I am the fair, local friendly locksmith so lets not rush a job and lets make sure that you are happy.

Before I start work I can give you either an exact price (normal jobs) or a best and worst case senario price for jobs that may involve an unknown amount of work and as the job goes along you will clearly be able to see if it is heading into the worst case zone.

On some doors yes, However some locks for example Euro Cylinders need to be in the unlocked position to be removed from the door. In this situation you would need to pay the lock opening / entry fee as well as for a replacement lock. Some locks for example mortice locks can be changed when they are in the locked or unlocked position when the door is open and then you can just pay for the lock replacement. You do however get a £20 discount on a replacement lock when purchased with an entry.

Of course, give me a call and explain the situation in full. I can then give you an estimated price over the phone. Obviously if the issue or lock is not as described then the cost may differ and sometimes it will be impossible to know what is broken inside the door until we get the door open but I can give you a worst and best scenario for each job over the phone. If you are happy I normally carry the stock to do the job right away.

I have a multi-buy entry discount which gives you £20 off the price of opening a second lock/door on the same visit as some people will have lost keys for front and back door and some have an inner or outer door or two locks on the same door. I also have some deals on the Services & prices page for having 2 of the same item but other things are priced as low as they can be. Plus you get a £20 discount on buying a replacement lock at the same time as an entry.

Payment is strictly in person and immediately upon job completion (unless pre set up business account) and I accept cash or credit and debit card payments with my mobile card payment machine. Unfortunately I do not accept payments by cheque. I can take card payments online if someone who is not present is paying, but it must be paid while the locksmith is on site (Just ask).

I regularly work with landlords who hire me to work on their properties. In this situation the most common way is for me to visit the property and have a look what needs doing then give you a call with the price. If you give the go ahead I will carry out the work then call you with the invoice number and total payable amount. You can then make the payment online via credit or debit card. (This must be paid immediately while the locksmith is still onsite unless you have pre set up a business account, see below.)

I do offer up to 30 day invoice accounts to some businesses where I can complete the work and then invoice you. You then have up to 30 days to make the payment via BACS, Bank transfer or online card payment. In order to register for this you will need to show proof of business in addition to submitting a Pay Later Authorisation form to agree to the "Pay Later" terms before the first job can take place.

Firstly I do not supply the cheap easy to snap cylinder locks as I do not consider them to be secure enough and I also do not think anyone should be using a non snap resistant lock. You can't buy the locks that I supply for £10 in a hardware store and my Standard Euro Cylinder locks are of great quality, professionally fitted to the correct size, mechanically guaranteed for 2 years and also come with 5 keys.

I have a range of locks and security items in stock. If you need your handles replacing, locks replacing, a secure chain to chain it up for the night or even a temporary lock until I can get one to fit then I have chains, locks and temprorary overnight locks that can be used to secure your doors etc.

You may be able to fit a lock yourself but are you sure that you know the right lock to buy. Will you get the right size lock for a flush fit? and could you imagine if something went wrong and then having to tell the insurance company that you bought a lock from a hardware store and fitted a lock yourself?

Sometimes I can as I know that some customers prefer to use me for their home locks as well as looking after their caravan etc, but there will be an extra charge to travel further afield to cover the miliage and time. Give me a call and we can see what I can do for you.

I sure do. A few businesses and organisations we complete work for require a risk assesment, public liability insurance details and a mission statement before work can be carried out. Click The "Documents" link in the bottom menu to view our insurance certificate. Links to our risk assesments, DBS check and mission statement can also be found on that page.

uPVC, Wooden and the new type composite doors are what I carry the majority of the stock for. If you need these type of doors fixing or adjusting then that is something I should be able to do.

I can change a lock barrel on a sliding, Bi-fold or tilt & turn door as long as the original is working so we know there is no problem with the door. I do not work on sliding, Bi-fold or tilt and turn doors if there is a problem with the door or locking strip, and that is simply because I do not carry stock to fix those types of doors and a lot of the times it can be a 2 man job to remove the door to fix it.

I have a mobile key duplicator that can cut cylinder keys (The small ones you have for uPVC door barrels etc). I am not able to cut the long mortice keys, dimple cut keys or any car keys as they require much bigger machines. I can come to you to cut keys but I am not able to make a special journey just to cut a couple of keys. What you can do it let me know where you are and leave me your number and I will call you when I am next working in your area. It is usually only a couple of days if not the same day.

Below is a image that should help you see what keys I can cut/duplicate.

I would love it if you could leave me a nice review. It really helps grow my business. Please click the Google link below or check out my reviews page from the top menu and you can easily type a quick review.

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About Mr Steve The Locksmith

Mr Steve is a domestic, commercial & 24 hour emergency locksmith covering Skegness, Ingoldmells, Chapel St Leonards, Wainfleet, Louth, Mablethorpe, Spilsby, Alford & surrounding areas. He offers a 24 hour call out service and can gain entry to your home if you are locked out, replace your locks with new, safer, more secure ones and even change or upgrade your UPVC door or window locks & handles.
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