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Terms & Conditions


Work carried out is subject to the following terms and conditions as agreed on upon signing of the work sheet/invoice page that is filled in for each job undertaken.

Mr Steve The Locksmith reserves the right to update the terms and conditions at any time but the terms in place on the day of the work being carried out are the ones that apply to that job. Please make sure that you check back from time to time for the latest terms.

Upon signing the work sheet/invoice page you agree that the locksmith is opperating under your instruction and that you are legally entitled to enter the premises and authorise any work that is being completed. Any legal responsability remains with yourself and not the locksmith.

All supplied items remain the property of the locksmith until payment has been made in full.
Failure to make payment may result in the locks and or items supplied being removed from the premises or made inoperative at any time.

Unfortunatly from time to time becuase of how previous locks have been fitted or the condition of doors, windows and fixings there can be some unforseen damage caused to customers property when undertaking work. The locksmith can not be held responsable and accountable for any such damage that was a result of previous work or certain conditions.

The descriptions of any locks supplied are as described by the locks manufacturer and we cannot be held acocuntable for any miss representation of the lock by manufacturers.

Any defects of locks or items supplied is the responsability of the lock manufacturer.

We are not responsible for the loss or damage to items and property using our locks. We cannot control how someone breaks into or accesses a property. We only fit supplied locks in good faith.

No Entry No Fee Guarantee

I offer a no entry no fee guarantee that if you call me out to open a lock and get you in and I am unable to gain entry for you then I will simply walk away and not charge you a penny.

At the end of the day you are hiring me to get you in so I think it is unfair that some locksmiths charge a call out fee even if they are unable to get you in.

Remember some very secure locks require a specialist piece of kit designed specifically for each lock and I may not have that piece of kit. Some locks are simply just too secure to gain entry without destruction.

So in the rare situation where I am unable to get you in then I do not charge a call out fee and if I have to walk away from a job before or during work there will be no fee payable for any work on that lock already undertaken.


Mr Steve The Locksmith uses Sum-Up to process card payments and payments by card cannot be made over the phone. We do not hold any information about your payment details as you pay Sum-Up and they then pay us.

We do not store personal payment detials of any customer except for a record on the work sheet/invoice page of what payment method that was used. Please see our privacy policy for more information.

Mechanical Guarantee

I offer a 2 year mechanical guarantee on the Anti-Snap Euro Cylinder locks that I supply and fit.

They are great locks with an awesome mechanical reputation and I want you to have piece of mind so the following guarantee applies.

I may also guarantee other locks that I fit, just ask when I am fitting them.

The locks are guaranteed for malfunction due to normal use for a period of 2 years from the date fitted.

If during that time the inside of the lock stops working I will supply a replacement lock to the same standard as supplied before.

The gurantee is subject to the following conditions:

- The lock must not have been tampered with or subject of a burgulary.
- The front of the lock must be in place and not snapped.
- The key must not be stuck in the lock.
- You must have a key for me to try the lock.
- After 1 year there is a £29.99 fitting charge for the replacement lock.
- You must have the original receipt for the work.
- The lock must be in the same door it was fitted to and not moved.
- There must not be anything in the keyway.


The copyright, design rights and artwork on the web site and all promotional material belong to Mr Steve The Locksmith . All other intellectual property rights are reserved. You may not modify, copy, distribute, transmit, display, perform, reproduce, publish, license, create derivative works from, transfer or sell any information obtained from this web site. You may only download to your personal computer for viewing purposes and print out a number of pages of this web site for your personal use.

Advertising Responsability

We can not accept responsibility for others promoting our service as something that we do not do or in a different light as which it is meant to be used. Others claims are their responsibility not the responsibility of Mr Steve The Locksmith or its owners. We will only provide the service that we offer and not anything that has been miss promoted by our advertisers.


Articles and advice is Steve's personal advice and we do not take responsibility for the implimentation of and use of any content and of any advert, business, product or website that is advertised/promoted using our articles or adverts. All terms and policies for that site/advert/product/business are the responsibility of the particular website, advert, product or business owner/supplier/manufacturer directly.

Discounts / Offers

All discounts and offers are offered as a good will gesture by the owner. They are subject to the terms of only one discount and, or offer can be used at any time. Discounts and offers can be removed/discontinued at any time and the managements decision is final.

Discount cards, leaflets and offers must be presented when the total price has been given and before you make payment. Once payment is made and the work slip for agreed price is signed the discount cannot then be made or the amount of the discount refunded.

The £19.99 combo discount only applies to the price of a lock when an entry service has been paid for. For example: If the locksmith attends and gains entry a entry fee is payable. Then if you need or want a replacement lock while the locksmith is there then the combo deal can be used for that lock purchase. It is just our way of giving a little discount for multiple services used in one attendance.

Mr Steve Is A Domestic, Commercial & 24 Hour Emergency Locksmith Covering Skegness, Ingoldmells, Chapel St Leonards, Wainfleet, Louth, Mablethorpe, Spilsby, Alford & Surrounding Areas.

He Offers A 24 Hour Call Out Service And Can Gain Entry If You Are Locked Out, Replace Your Locks With New, Safer, More Secure Ones And Even Change Or Upgrade Your UPVC Door Or Window Locks & Handles.

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