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Terms & Conditions


Work carried out is subject to the following terms and conditions.

Mr Steve The Locksmith reserves the right to update the terms and conditions at any time but the terms in place on the day of the work being carried out are the ones that apply to that job. Please make sure that you check back from time to time for the latest updates.

Upon signing the entry work sheet you agree that the locksmith is operating under your instruction and that you are legally entitled to enter the premises and authorise any work that is being completed. Any legal responsibility remains with yourself and not the locksmith.

On a rented property it is your responsibility to gain permission from the landlord of the property before changing any locks. The locksmith will assume permission has been given.

All supplied items remain the property of the locksmith until payment has been made in full.
Failure to make payment may result in the locks and or items supplied being removed from the premises or made inoperative at any time.

Unfortunatly from time to time because of how previous locks have been fitted or the condition of doors, windows and fixings there can be some unforseen damage caused to customers property when undertaking work. The locksmith can not be held responsible and accountable for any such damage that was a result of previous work or current conditions.

Locks are designed to be tough and stop doors being opened. Because of this occasionally when opening a door using forceful entry some damamge to the lock, door or door frame can occur and thus cannot be guaranteed or covered. Any damage and/or repair costs will be the responsibility of the property owner.

The descriptions of any locks supplied are as described by the locks manufacturer and we cannot be held accountable for any miss representation of the lock by manufacturers.

Any defects of locks or items supplied is the responsibility of the lock manufacturer.

We are not responsible for the loss or damage to items and property using our locks. We cannot control how someone breaks into or accesses a property. We only fit supplied locks in good faith.

If there are two locks on the door that require opening to gain access the price will be double (Minus £20 multi-buy entry discount) as the quoted prices are for one lock on the door.

Sometimes it is easier to gain access via a different door to the property even if it is not the one you have lost a key for. I like to keep it as cheap as possible for the customer and as easy as possible for me so if this is the case we reserve the right to access via another door. If the other door is a lower security lock then the price for opening lower security locks will be charged and not the higher security lock opening/entry price.

Our standard Euro Cylinders are Snap Resistant and feature anti-snap features. We do not guarantee that these locks cannot be snapped but the sacrificial line offers a good degree of snap resistance under normal snapping attack. These locks are designed to break at the sacraficial line when under normal snap attack but this could possibly be bypassed.

Estimates / Prices Given Over The Phone

If you ring up and tell me exactly what is wrong I can give you an estimated price for the work over the phone. This price is an estimate only and subject to change as it is very common that the actual lock or situation may not be completely as described. I charge more for entry to doors with extra security such as escutions, covers and security handles as they require more expensive equipment and tools and normally take a lot longer to open. Sometimes a customer says it is a normal cylinder lock when it is actually has higher security handles covering the lock. so I reserve the right to adjust the estimate once on site and add any extra security surcharge as listed on this website.

Sometimes additional work is required on doors to access the locks for example I did a job where the lock was behind another lock and that would be chargable at two entries.

No Entry No Fee Guarantee

I offer a no entry no fee guarantee that if you call me out to open or bypass a lock to get you in and I am unable to gain entry by either opening, bypassing or destroying the lock then I will simply walk away and not charge you a penny.

At the end of the day you are hiring me to get you in, so I think it is unfair that some locksmiths charge a call out fee even if they are unable to actually get you in.

Remember some very secure locks require a specialist piece of kit designed specifically for each lock and I may not have that piece of kit. Some locks are simply just too secure to gain entry without destruction.

Sometimes entry can be gained by removing the lock or by other bypass methods and this is also charged at the gain entry fee.

If you choose to not have me destroy the lock to gain entry on the rare occasion that I am unable to open or bypass the lock for any reason then you are stopping the gain entry process. The gain entry fee is then still payable in this situation as it is your decision to stop the entry.

In the very rare situation where I am unable to get you in by either opening the lock, bypassing the lock or destroying the lock then I do not charge a call out or service fee. If I have to walk away and abandon a job before or during work there will be no fee payable for any work on that lock already undertaken on that particular lock.

Cancelled Call Fee

If you ring up and ask me to attend but during the time of the booking and the locksmith arriving you decide to cancel then a £30 or £30+£30 out of hours surcharge is payable for the cancelled call.This includes if you find the key or no longer need the work doing when the locksmith arrives.


Unless prior agreement has been made upon booking all payments are strictly in person immediately upon job completion and while the locksmith is still on site by either cash, credit or debit card. I use Sum-Up to process card payments in person with the card holder present feature (Contactless or chip and pin). For this reason payments by card cannot be made over the phone. We can however take card payments online using our Stripe or Sumup integration if someone else is paying and who is not present. This must also be done while the locksmith is still on site unless prior agreement has been made.

If we do offer a pay later agreement (Only available if agreed upon during the booking phone call) for certain situations as that you are a tennant and your landlord is paying then someone present will have to fill in and sign a Pay Later Agreement form and take responsibility for the payment. If the payment is not made by the landlord or whoever is supposed to be paying by the time listed on the form (7-30 days as agreed) then the person filling in and signing the form will become liable for payment and any late fees.

We do not store or hold any personal payment details of any customer except for a record on the work sheet/invoice page of what payment method that was used. You are in a sense making the payment to SumUp or Stripe and they send the money to us. Please see our privacy policy for more information.

Invoice Accounts

Up to 30 Day Invoice Accounts may be offered to some businesses / individuals such as letting agents etc. This will require a submission of our online "Pay Later Authorisation" form prior to the first job being completed in addition to providing some proof of business and an ongoing agreement going forward. Payment terms are strictly up to a maximum of 30 days for all invoices. (See the late payments section below)

Late Payments

Failure to pay within 30 days will result in a late payment fee of £40 being added to the invoice amount and a daily statutory interest of 8% above the Bank of England’s base lending rate. In line with "UK late payment law (Interest) act 1998". By filling in and signing our "Pay Later Agreement" paper form you are personally agreeing to these terms and may be held liable for the invoice amount and all late payment / admin fees if the business/individual does not pay on time.
Example: If the invoice is for £200 and the Bank Of England base rate is 1.25% then the annual interest would be 9.25% of £200 = £18.50 Divided by 365 (days of the year) will equal a daily interest rate of 5p.

Out Of Hours Surcharge

My normal working hours are between 9am and 7pm Monday to Saturday (Excluding UK public/bank holidays). If you need an emergency lock change and or door adjustment/fixing etc can be carried out outside of my normal working hours, however a £30 one time per visit "Out Of Hours Surcharge" is payable in addition to my standard listed prices. For example: in normal working hours a lock change may be £65 but out of hours it would be £95 (£65 standard price plus £30 surcharge). The surcharge is to cover the time it takes for me to get changed and put the tools in and out of my van, and a little extra for the inconvenience of dropping everything I am doing.

Temporary Overnight Locks

In some situations when a stuck door has been opened or the door is not working and unable to be locked and we do not have the correct part on the van we can supply a temporary overnight lock to enable the door to be locked while we order the correct part.

The cost of supplying and fitting a temporary overnight lock is £95, but if you book an appointment for the fitting of the replacement lock within 14 days of the date the Mr Steve contacts you to let you know the lock is now available then you can exchange the temporary overnight lock for £95 off the cost of the ordered replacement lock (subject to the following terms and conditions)

1) The temporary overnight lock must still be in the door and not have been tampered with or removed from the door by anyone other than Mr Steve.
2) The temporary overnight lock must be complete and in full working order.
3) You must agree a time for fitting the ordered replacement lock within 14 days of Mr Steve contacting you to advise that the replacement is now available.

At anytime up until you book an appointment for the fitting of the ordered replacement lock you may choose to cancel the order or use someone else and in this situation you keep the temporary overnight lock.

If Mr Steve is not able to source a replacement then an alternative or repair lock may be offered under the same terms as the replacement lock or you may choose to keep the overnight lock and try someone else.

You Must retain the signed receipt in order to exchnage the temporary overnignt lock for £95 off the replacement.

Please note: Overnight locks are considered a temporary fix to make the door lockable while replacement parts are found. It is not advised that you keep an overnight lock on your door as a permanent solution.

Mechanical Guarantee

I offer a 2 year mechanical guarantee on the standard Snap Resistant Euro Cylinder locks that I supply and fit.

They are great locks with an awesome mechanical reputation and I want you to have piece of mind so the following guarantee applies.

I may also guarantee other locks that I fit, just ask when I am fitting them.

The locks are guaranteed for malfunction due to normal use for a period of 2 years from the date fitted.

If during that time the inside of the lock stops working I will supply a replacement lock to the same standard as supplied before.

The gurantee is subject to the following conditions:

- The lock must not have been tampered with or subject of a burgulary.
- The front of the lock must be in place and not snapped.
- The key must not be stuck in the lock.
- You must have a key for me to try the lock.
- After 1 year there is a £40 fitting charge for the replacement lock.
- You must have the original receipt for the work.
- The lock must be in the same door it was fitted to and not moved.
- There must not be anything in the keyway.

All other locks are covered by the manufacturers 12 month guarantee.

Please note: in some instances where extra stress has been placed on the lock by another part of the door or locking mechanism resulting in the lock failure due to abnormal stress levels the lock maynot be covered.

Multi point locking mechanisms and gearboxes are covered from 12 months from the date of fitting as long as another part of the door or locking meechanism has not put extra stress on the case/gearbox/lock.

I do my upmost to sort out and replace any issues but if the manufacturer is not willing to replace becuase of interference then I am not able to replace the lock.


The copyright, design rights and artwork on the web site and all promotional material belong to Mr Steve The Locksmith . All other intellectual property rights are reserved. You may not modify, copy, distribute, transmit, display, perform, reproduce, publish, license, create derivative works from, transfer or sell any information obtained from this web site. You may only download to your personal computer for viewing purposes and print out a number of pages of this web site for your personal use.

Advertising Responsibility

We can not accept responsibility for others promoting our service as something that we do not do or in a different light as which it is meant to be used. Others claims are their responsibility not the responsibility of Mr Steve The Locksmith or its owners. We will only provide the service that we offer and not anything that has been miss promoted by our advertisers.

Prices displayed on leaflets and adverts are correct at time of print. Prices may change after printing and old leaflets etc may still be laying about. Prices charged for jobs will be the latest (updated) prices as displayed on our website.

Key Fob Programme

Our key fobs are given away for free at certain promotional events. They are not always carried on the van so can only be received at certain events.

We offer no guarantee that the fobs will help in reuniting you with your lost keys should the worst happen.

You must provide a contact name and phone number for each of the fobs taken so that we can contact you should your keys be found.

If you change your contact number you will need to remove the fob from your keys as we will not be able to contact you if they are located after being lost.

We use a hard wearing ID pen to write the number on the fobs but over time this may wear off and you may need to re-write it on using a permanent marker.


Articles and advice is Steve's personal advice and we do not take responsibility for the implimentation of and use of any content and of any advert, business, product or website that is advertised/promoted using our articles or adverts. All terms and policies for that site/advert/product/business are the responsibility of the particular website, advert, product or business owner/supplier/manufacturer directly.

Discounts / Offers

All discounts and offers are offered as a good will gesture by the owner. They are subject to the terms of only one discount and, or offer can be used at any time.

Discounts will be applied to the full price, they cannot be used in conjunction with other discounts such as the multi-buy entry discount and the discounted 2 lock deals. This includes discount cards and vouchers which can only be applied to the items full price.

Discounts and offers can be removed/discontinued at any time and the managements decision is final.

Discount cards, leaflets and offers must be presented when the total price has been given, before the invoice sheet is filled in and before you make the payment. Once payment has been made and the work slip for the agreed price is signed the discount cannot then be made or the amount of the discount refunded.

The £20 multi-buy entry discount only applies to the price of 2 lock entries/openings on the same visit.

The £20 off a replacement lock if purchased at the same time as an entry/opening is available 24 hours a day and applies to one lock for each entry/open. Example: If you have your uPVC door opened because you have lost your keys then you can get £20 off the price of a new Euro Cylinder lock for that door. Any additional items ordered do not attract the discount.

About Mr Steve The Locksmith

Mr Steve is a domestic, commercial & 24 hour emergency locksmith covering Skegness, Ingoldmells, Chapel St Leonards, Wainfleet, Louth, Mablethorpe, Spilsby, Alford & surrounding areas. He offers a 24 hour call out service and can gain entry to your home if you are locked out, replace your locks with new, safer, more secure ones and even change or upgrade your UPVC door or window locks & handles.
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