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Can I Change My Own Locks?

I get asked a lot of the time, why should I use a locksmith and why cant I change my own locks?

You also see people commenting all the time on Facebook posts that you can easily go and buy your own lock from a hardware store for £10 and fit it yourself.

So let me explain why it is that you should use a locksmith to fit your new locks.

A locksmith knows exactly what type of lock you need for your door and has the ability to get hundreds of different types of lock where as the hardware stores force you to buy just the small selection that they choose to stock.

A Locksmith will also make sure that the new fitted lock is the correct size and the right security level for your door. If you have read my other articles you will see that a lot of people buy the wrong size lock and then walk right in to many problems.

Most handy men or people fitting their own locks just head down to the local hardware store and buy a £10-£20 euro cylinder that is normally not even a modern anti-snap lock and usually of a poor quality that only takes a few minutes to pick or open (Sometimes even less).

A locksmith not only knows the right sort of lock but also the correct size to fit and will ormally stock them on the van so it can be fitted right there and then. Taking away the hassle of having to head back to the store to get a different size.

So, please think about this for a minute. None of the hassle of going to get the lock and hoping it’s the right size. Getting the correct size lock fitted first time. Getting a more secure lock fitted makes using a locksmith a much better option, and using the right locksmith might not be as expensive as you think.

A locksmith has the knowledge and is insured to fit your new lock and you get a receipt that you can always show your insurance company that a professional fitted your locks for you.

Lastly think about if the worst should happen, imagine having the worry of not knowing if they will pay out when you tell your insurance company that you bought a £10 lock and fitted it yourself!

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