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Is It Time To Change Your Locks?

There are three main questions to ask when it comes to knowing when it is the right time to change your locks.

Firstly, ask yourself how many people have or even might have a key for your property. A lot of people with holiday homes rent them out to people for a holiday. I know that quite a few people while renting a holiday home for the week go and get a second key cut at the market so they don’t all have to be back at the same time.

Have you ever given a key to a friend? a gas man? or any other cleaner or contractor?

Both of those situations could mean that there are potentially lots of people out there with a key to your home.

Secondly, ask yourself have you changed the locks since you bought the house or caravan? It is amazing how many people that I talk to who bought a caravan years ago and have not changed the locks. I own a caravan and I used to have a second one that I rented out but I sold that years and years ago but still have a couple of keys for it hanging about in my key tub. Previous owners of your home really could have a key too and you never know who a previous owner gave a key too back when they owned it.

Thirdly, ask yourself if you have a snap resistant lock in your caravan or house door. If the lock has not been changed for a few years then it is very likely that you need to upgrade to a snap resistant lock. Locks that are not snap resistant are just not good enough anymore. Lock snapping is the fastest increasing way that burgulars get into homes. Do not be another growing statistic.

So all in all, if you are renting out your house or holiday home then I suggest you are best to change the lock yearly or every two years at the very least. Remember, if you have not changed the locks in the last few years you really should consider upgrading your locks to snap resistant locks today.

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